1 % Discounts     
  On Trainings*  10%
  On Conferences/Events (STeP-IN & our partner)  10%
  On ISTQB/iSQI Certifications  5%
  On SALT Certifications  5%
2 1 Hour/week training on Skype program for Automation/Performance Testing by Indian and International Speakers** Y
3 Networking with other Members  Y
 4 Evening Talks  Y
5 Webinars  Y
 6 Mentorship  Y
7 Latest News and Update in Software Testing Industry  Y
8 Priority in PapersPresentations in STeP-IN events Y
9 Opportunity for Becoming STeP-IN Representation in their company Y
16 Exclusive use of the Software Testing Forum logo Y
17 Access to past conference presentation archives Y
    INR 1000/-
Duration: 1 year
Price: ₹1,000.00