Maneuver end-to-end testing in the AI-led world

Author: Ashwini Phalle, Sr AVP, EXL

In the bustling city of Silicon Valley, a team of hardworking Software Engineers was working day and night to develop an integrated solution that would revolutionize the world of Insurance companies with the fastest response times for their customers.

Despite their expertise in Software development and Insurance domain, they were constantly being challenged by the tasks of testing of the integrated solution. There was never enough time to test the complete solution and testing coverage was very poor despite the presence of Test Automation for their regression suite. The testing methods they adopted were failing to uncover the defects which were creeping into the production environment leading to low-quality product and high cost of quality.

Test Manager, Geeta, was preparing a Test Strategy for testing this completely integrated solution which comprised of multiple heterogeneous systems which were being developed and modified by various teams. Geeta, known for her innovation and adoption of latest technologies, decided to venture into AI-Driven software Testing.

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