Intelligent QA - Have we come a full circle

Author: Sandeep S Sudame, Capability Practice Leader - QA, New Vision Software

The journey...

Husshhh…it has been a long journey, indeed. And guess what, it has not finished yet! In fact, it is becoming more intense, challenging, interesting as the landscapes around us are changing lightning fast, naturally. Yes, I am talking about our journey as Testing enthusiasts, together. Truly, the Quality Assurance (QA) has come a long way,

  • from the times there weren’t any dedicated testers and Developers used to test their own code,
  • through various stages of dedicated testing and Automation tools, experts,
  • and now, where again there is a buzz if we need manual testers when RPA,
  • AI/ML has taken over most of your testing?

With rise and rise of DevSecOps, there is an unprecedented surge in use of AI/ML based tools and technology to support IT delivery functions. How can QA stay behind? Let’s have a look at how Quality Assurance is adapting to this paradigm shift.

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