Winds of Change: Transcending Quality Assurance in the AI space

Author: Sasikanth Prabhakaran, Senior Project Manager, Indium Software

The need for faster delivery

Change is inevitable, as is the need for faster software product releases. This necessity arises from the exponential growth in digital adoption, advancements in software technology, and increased competition. Every decade there is a major transition happening in the software industry from the Internet boom to Mobile & Cloud Computing to Agile & DevOps Practices. With the growing demand for intelligent software delivery within shorter duration, the question arises: Is it the endgame for continuous integration and delivery?

According to Gartner, by 2026, over 80% of enterprises will be developing intelligent applications based on Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). This projection suggests that there will be a significant shift in the software industry, driven by the integration of AI and ML. Though ChatGPT made a significant impact in the AI space last year, test automation tools at a very minimal level had demonstrated the glimpse of AI much earlier. The pace of AI is believed to be faster than any other technology that has been created in the past and companies have been challenged to keep up with this pace to sustain in the field.

From a broader perspective, testing focuses majorly on two areas: a) Functionality of newly developed features and b) Uninterrupted operation of existing functionalities due to new code. AI is also getting into individual testing areas like data analysis, data creation, visual testing, and automated scripting.

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