Unleashing the Power of AI: Innovative Ways to Generate Test Data

Shilpa Saha, Software Quality Control Specialist, Shell India Pvt Ltd
Parth Venkatesh, Software Quality Assurance Specialist, Shell India Pvt Ltd
Suraj Malli, Associate Software QA specialist, Shell India Pvt Ltd

Testing is a critical phase that ensures the quality, reliability, and performance of software applications. As projects become more complex and timelines tougher, the need for efficient and effective test data generation has grown considerably. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) steps in, changing the way we create test data.

Manual Test Data Creation: Creating test data is challenging and error and a manual process. This method becomes increasingly impractical as projects grow in complexity, demanding a more scalable and efficient approach.

Data Privacy and Security Concerns: Sometimes fetching test data raises privacy and security concerns, especially in industries where sensitive information is involved. Static Test Data: This limitation poses a risk of overlooking issues that arise from dynamic changes in application behavior.

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