Tactics of testing a Social Network

Abstract: Any social network is a dynamic application on steroids! The formal models of Software Testing, with due respect, are not very suitable for testing an adhoc Social Network, especially when it does new things like mining Big Data to produce useful analytics. Crowdsourced testing is one fragment of the solution among other smart-and-short testing techniques.

This 30 minute pit-stop will cover the (reusable) tactical steps applied by ApnaBoxOffice.com in testing their social networking application.

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Ashwin Palaparthi,
Founder, ApnaBoxOffice.com

Ashwin Palaparthi is the Founder of a social-networking application ApnaBoxOffice.com (upcoming) for the Indian Film Industry.

Ashwin started his career in 1992 (when only 13 years old) and spent 7 years in running a local courier/logistics business in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh after which he entered IT.

Largely self-taught, he served as an IT trainer for several years. He was also a technical architect at Zeneb for a brief period to build a J2EE product. His next stint was at AppLabs, both in the US and in India, handling technology solutions and presales in Software Testing. While at AppLabs he managed several complex testing projects and architected customized test harnesses for its clientele. He left Left AppLabs while serving as an AVP/Principal Architect to found ValueMinds and create an ISV product - TestersDesk. He returned to AppLabs (now CSC) as VP of Innovation, after his product ISV TestersDesk/ValueMinds was acquired by AppLabs.

Ashwin is deeply passionate about software architecture, testing domain, entrepreneurship, and is a budding music composer!