Bringing Agility in Test Automation for Ecommerce organizations

Abstract: This session talks about an alternate approach to Test Automation Strategy, primarily suited to Ecommerce companies but may be well extended to other domains, over traditional automation approach that will yield much better, faster and quantifiable yields from automation testing.

Some of the key challenges faced in creation/maintenance of Automation tests in any Ecommerce organization are:

    • Fast changing application requirements and hence frequent release cycles.
    • Dependencies on third party services.
    • Multiple complex business layers with frequent updates.
    • Lack of structured test cases.

As a result of all these, time to develop automation scripts and their relative maintenance costs are very high. And it often ends up becoming a drag and is not able to keep up the pace with business needs.
This approach proposes a strategy wherein the test automation is an amalgamation of “Comparison mode” testing, “Interactive mode” testing and “Scenario” based testing.

Audience take-away:

    • Helps in building a robust test automation that works in dynamic, fast paced environment with frequent release cycles.
    • Reducing time to market by huge margins.
    • Faster time to development of automation scripts and minimal maintenance effort, even in a dynamic environment.
    • Most of the new features that may not require a UI change will automatically be added to automation suite by simply enhancing the test data, without creating any new automation scripts.
    • Gaining a very high degree of confidence on automation scripts due to thorough test coverage, hence improving the quality of builds drastically.
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Speaker's Profile


Hemant Kumar Jaggi,
Senior Manager QA,

With more than 11 years of experience, Hemant currently works as “Senior Manager QA” at, India’s largest online travel company. Prior to, he has been associated with Adobe Systems for around 4 years and Infosys Technologies for another 2.5 years. He has been deeply involved in Automation testing in multiple platforms, tools and programming languages.

In his current role at, he heads the company’s overall test automation initiatives along with leading some of the business units for end to end test and release management.
The automation strategy that he is showcasing at the SUMMIT is something that the team has  devised right from scratch.