White Box Testing - Learn the Unknowns

While most testers are familiar with the principles of black box testing in which test cases are derived from system requirements and specifications, fewer are familiar with white box testing in which test cases are derived from system design and code. Lee Copeland introduces you to the world of white box testing including its definition, applicability, advantages, and disadvantages.

Discover the theory of control flow graphing and it’s applicability to testing. Learn how to convert any computer program into a control flow graph, and then analyze that graph to create effective test cases. Analyze the eight levels of test coverage and determine which is best for your particular system. Learn about the cyclomatic complexity metric and basis path testing as a way to ensure good test coverage of your system components.

Examine the powerful but lesser used concept of data flow testing in which the definition, usage, and destruction of program variables is mapped onto the control flow graph to uncover difficult to detect code errors that create havoc in reliable system operation. Review some of the tools available to assist you.

Add the white box testing techniques to your tester’s toolbox to enhance your testing skills.

About Lee


Lee Copeland,

Consultant, Software Quality Engineering.


Lee Copeland has over thirty years’ experience as an information systems professional. He has held a number of technical and managerial positions with commercial and non-profit organizations in the areas of applications development, software testing, and software development process improvement.

As a consultant with Software Quality Engineering, Lee has developed and taught numerous training courses focusing on software development and testing based on his extensive experience. In addition, he provides consulting services to SQE’s clients.

He is a well-known and highly regarded speaker at software conferences both in the United States and internationally. He currently serves as Program Chair for the STAR testing conferences, the Better Software conferences, and the Agile Development conferences. Lee is the author of A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design, a compendium of the most effective methods of test case design.