Mini colloquium

Domain Based Testing: Here for Good!

The face of Software Testing has changed over the last decade and a half. Growth, in terms of number of professionals and revenue has multiplied manifold. Pure-play Software Testing organizations are able to attract talent directly from campus competing with offers for development jobs.

In the last couple of years, domain specialization has become increasingly important in addition to the core testing expertise. This is not accidental - the industry is responding to the requirements from customers.

A critical factor for QA teams is their ability to understand the domain in which the customer operates. This increases the applicability of the final work product to the end user. This is the new wave of innovation that is shaping the way QA practices evolve.

Verticalization offers distinctive ways to address cost, quality and time constraints that QA teams have always been confronted with. The software testing discipline is speedily embracing this focus on domain expertize. The emphasis is on creating competency development processes to ensure that testing teams stay abreast of the latest trends, challenges and business requirements, in order to continue delivering best of class products.

Come and listen to experts demystify domains such as Telecom, Security, Gaming and BFSI at this Mini Colloquium.