Test Driven Development – Agility in Testing!

Abstract: In the current trend of agile product development models, it is very much required to ship faster without compromising on the quality of deliverable. As time is an important factor, conventional testing methodologies need to evolve to cope up with the change. Testing teams may not have the liberty of going through traditional mode of product certification. In most of the companies, gone are the days of test strategies, plans, test cases covering functional, non-functional aspects and more. The set of questions which keeps coming back is ‘how late can the changes be absorbed in to product and how soon can those be shipped to production?’. That means a shift in paradigm in the way we currently test and certify.

Testing need not start with dedicated quality engineering or the so-called QA teams. The intent here is to provide emphasis on how agile teams can think through innovative ways of solving industry wide challenges of shorter test cycles. A way to solve this is by focusing on the good old method of divide and conquers. If the product development team can focus on writing a great quality code, lesser the number of defects that pass on to test cycles. In the testing phase, QE teams can focus primarily on integration and non-functional testing which maximize the value of true Agile teams. Test Driven Development is a software development practice in which unit test cases are incrementally written prior to code implementation. This results in better code coverage, simpler design and less prone to defects. While development teams strive for a systematic way of writing tests before the actual coding, the benefits of this process are of multitude effects. The key take away is a thorough understanding of the process.

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Mohan Nellore,
Engineering Manager – QE,

Mohan Nellore is a seasoned technologist in the software industry at various capacities of quality engineering. Works as an engineering manager in QE with eBay. Prior to this role, he worked at product development companies like Yahoo! and Dell in his professional career spanning over 12 years. Mohan has a strong expertise in internet and e-commerce domains while skills include a whole stack of open source technologies. He is well known for evangelizing processes that result in transformational changes across the organization. Holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering from BITS, Pilani and a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Bangalore University. LinkedIn profile can be found at - http://www.linkedin.com/in/mohanbn