My professional life experience…. Consciously grow tester in YOU!

The intent of this presentation

My intention is to explain the concept of “Nurture the nature” so that we as individual & leaders use this concept consciously to create our future. Used truthfully, it will guarantee success as nature uses the same process & never fails. To use a parallel (or to indicate an analogy), when we have an Orange seed we need to understand its potential; if we provide the right environment it will grow into a full-fledged Orange tree. However, unconsciously we some time expect an Apple tree to grow out of the Orange seed & that’s where the problem lies.

Join Praveen as he takes us through the journey of the 5-step process for “Nurturing the nature.”

    • Discover your creative impulse: the seed
    • Get an awareness of the idea of their true self
    • Take the first step in the journey of personal mastery and focus on commitment rather than compliance
    • Understand your personal vision first & then align it to a shared vision.
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Speaker's Profile


Praveen Kumar,
Test Consultant, erstwhile Test Manager,
Logica (now a part of CGI)

Praveen is a test management professional with over 18 years of industry experience out of which the last 9 years have been focused on various aspects of product testing including Customer expectation management, Test estimation, Test planning & tracking and Test process innovation.  Earlier years have been spent on developing and strengthening the foundation which involved other aspects of software development life cycle such as Requirement analysis, Design, Development, System testing & Quality assurance. He has been associated with products belonging to the following domains – Telecom (Payments), Energy & utility, Finance, Software & Manufacturing. Over the years he has worked on products for global customers. This exposure enabled him to develop an appreciation of cross-cultural customer expectations across countries like US, Europe and Japan. His leadership style has a strong influence of the attribute – “Lead by example”

Praveen is practitioner of meditation. He has been practicing meditation for the last 10 years. He likes to explore ideas & thoughts to discover new ways of looking  at situations. His vision is to attain self-mastery & propagate the concept “DOING FROM BEING”. He believes working in this way, one can achieve balance living, leading to

    • Good Health
    • Success
    • Fulfilling Relationships and
    • Abundance