Moving beyond Mobile Testing 101

Rahul’s session throws light on what you, as a tester should truly consider when you approach mobile application testing. Join Rahul in an information-packed session as he delves on certain critical aspects such as:

    • Mobile apps: why testers need to have a different mind-set when testing mobile apps versus desktop apps
    • The changing paradigms of mobile testing: it’s not an isolated team anymore
    • Learn more about user patterns
    • The ‘Tap worthiness’ of applications
    • Tester's perspective when doing iOS testing
    • Automation: available tools and a quick comparison between them

Speaker's Profile


Rahul Mirakhur,
Director – QA,
Atimi Software Inc

Rahul heads the QA department for Atimi Software's (niche Apple and Mobile technology company) India office for over 6 years. With more than 15 years of IT experience and his passion for Apple technologies for over 10 years, he has been spearheading various bleeding edge testing techniques that have become synonymous with Atimi's specialisation in Mobile application development. His passion for Software Testing and Apple technologies in particular had helped Atimi's QA teams become highly specialised (ninja-like) testers in the fast changing landscape of mobile application development (iOS, Android, WinPhone8, Blackberry 10).

A passionate tester since his development days in late-1990's, Rahul moved into Software Testing way early in his IT professional career and has since been involved in leading and mentoring testers in disparate domains like Desktop publishing, Security, Anti-Virus, Games, Print media, Mobile, etc.