Performance Testing of an IaaS Cloud Software (A Cloudstack Use Case)

In the emerging trend of cloud computing today, IAAS or Infrastructure As A Service has carved a niche for itself. There are plenty of IAAS cloud products today like CloudStack, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, etc…This presentation offers insights into the performance testing requirements, challenges and innovative tools that could be used for performance testing of an IAAS cloud product taking CloudStack as an example. CloudStack is an open source IAAS solution to deploy and manage public, private or hybrid clouds. It offers compute orchestration, manages network and storage nodes, offers user and account management, native API support along with resource and usage accounting.

Audience take-away:

    • Technology landscape of IAAS cloud provider of late
    • What kind of performance data do you need to look for in a new deployment of an IAAS cloud / fine tuning an existing IAAS cloud
    • Innovative tools to achieve production scale test beds in a cloud
    • Where do you start and stop looking for performance bottlenecks in an IAAS cloud product
    • Quality base lining and reporting
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Speaker's Profile


Sowmya Krishnan,
Senior Software Test Engineer,
Citrix R&D India

Sowmya Krishnan has over 7 years of industry experience in Quality Engineering. She has worked on various non-functional testing areas like performance and scale testing, soak testing, staging and production data testing, code coverage analysis, apart from developing automation frameworks for functional test suites. She currently works with Citrix on the product Citrix CloudPlatform (Commercial)/ Apache CloudStack (open source Apache product).

She’s been involved in planning and executing the performance test strategy for CloudStack and deals with designing use cases, base lining numbers and arriving at fine tuning parameters for the product for large scale deployments. She also has expertise in replicating customer/user scenarios in the performance test bed, specific to performance and scale related areas in order to debug and troubleshoot. She has also worked on gathering scalability use cases from customers, sales, support and engineering to define and enhance performance test framework and coverage. She has worked on developing regression test suite for performance testing and enhancing the coverage of performance test cases.

Sowmya holds an MS in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani and Masters in Computer Applications. She has given demos and talks earlier in CloudStack meet ups, at and product technology fairs.