STeP-IN SUMMIT 2013 Takeaways

Exposure to latest concepts; Interaction with Industry leaders; Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the knowledge areas mentioned in the program schedule, Presentation slides of sessions; Presentation slides of Publications; Conference bag; Information and brochures shared by sponsoring organizations.

    • Eminent Speakers - A group of carefully chosen speakers who are stalwarts in their field. They will give you an insight into the latest trends and the direction in which the Software Testing Industry is moving.
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    • Presentation slides – All participants will receive presentation slides of the sessions they attend at the conference. These slides can be referenced by you at any time in the future so as to preserve all the information and knowledge gained at the conference.
    • Presentations of Publications – An additional set of 14 submissions selected under the Publication category. (List of all paper presentations on a link to the paper presentation page – To be newly created)