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[ Artificial Stupidity in Testing ]


I have been challenging the way people test since 2006. Got fired several times for it and ended up building my own services company Moolya and was the first company to dare to challenge status quo, selling and delivering testing in a different way than traditional testing services companies. Still in business after 6 years. In parallel building AI and Machine Learning driven Testing Platform for Mobile Apps. All of us are clearly seeing the world moving towards AI.

Interestingly AI is Automation without humans having to write any script to automate. So it is a true form of automated automation. Everything looks great except for one thing – most of us do poor testing and if we are tasked to build AI in Testing – we will just automate the stupidity we have always enjoyed living in. So that doesn’t become Artificial Intelligence – it becomes Artificial Stupidity. I used to challenge testers in my own company asking when is the last time they consciously implemented Equivalence Class Partitioning to focus on test coverage that an EQP can bring.

Two things the testing world knows less about is Test Coverage and Testability. Without focusing on these 2 – everything they are doing is one big noise. Why hasn’t the noise been found out yet? That is because everything that surrounds noise is noise and when someone looks around – they see everyone else doing the same – and hence concludes what they are doing is just right. In 2017 – I am not challenging people. I am being kind to them in making them aware of the dangers they are getting into – letting them make a choice between being disrupted by AI OR to use AI to their advantage.

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    Pradeep Soundararajan

    Founder CEO, Moolya Testing & AppAchhi

Pradeep Soundararajan helps humans and embraces AI and ML in Testing. Pradeep has been a founder of Moolya Testing – a company that has tested top used apps in India and enterprise software for banks, payments, e-commerce and media industries. Pradeep also founded App Achhi – a platform that tests 2.2 Million Apps driven by A.I and Machine Learning.

Beyond this – Pradeep has committed his life to improving the state of software testing. He enjoys this so much that he has traded a lot of money to do what he enjoys.

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