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[ Debugging Digital in the era of endless Disruption ]


Most global organizations today are in the midst of a digital revolution. Digital has been snowballing itself into a core business strategy from just a business appendage earlier. These advancements are not just presenting boundless opportunities but also are fuelling endless disruption to every business.

It has therefore become imperative for every organization to transform multiple elements of their business eco-systems to be truly future ready and take full advance of digital adoption. One of the key challenges emerging of such digital transformation is the ability to verify and validate solutions constantly in a rapidly disrupted environment, the ‘not yet known-unknown’ paradox.

The talk aims to cover:

  • How organizations can successfully retune their business processes and testing systems to effectively and efficiently balance changing user expectations, technology advancements and timely innovative solution offerings, continuously.
  • The different pillars that can strengthen validation of digital adoption like innovative testing strategy, self-healing automation, and use of flexible process methods i.e. Agile/DevOps.
  • How not to fall in the trap of false testing confidence – getting new results through old systems
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    Deepak Chopra

    VP – Lean Digital Transformation Team, GENPACT

Deepak Chopra is a technology expert with more than 17 years of experience in innovating business processes and systems that drive agility, profitability and growth.  He is currently the vice president – lean digital transformation team globally for Information Technology. He has played key role in strategizing and leading transformation journeys for clients through agile, human centered designs and advanced technologies including Robotics, IoT, Cloud, Mobility and Artificial Intelligence.  He is heading a team of Digital Master Black Belts, Agile experts, Design Thinking experts, Internal Auditors, and Digital transformation experts.

A multi specialty leader, Deepak has successfully led global organizations in key areas like development, testing, product management, SEPG and business excellence roles in varying capacities. He has also been a consummate management consultant to many Fortune 500 organizations like Cadbury Schweppes, Accenture, Ericsson, Emirates, Capgemini, Panasonic, United Health Group, Sun Life Financials, Prudential etc. Deepak has also been industry speaker at multiple international conferences and sessions on Agile, Digital and BusinessExcellence.

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