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[ Future of Testing at the Speed of DevOps ]


91% of software testers believe that testing must be transformed to remain relevant in today’s increasingly accelerated software development processes. So the question is not if testing will change, but how.

  • What role will manual testing and UI test automation play in the future?
  • How can teams achieve the required level of testing—without slowing down the acceleration initiative?
  • What is the impact to me as a manual tester? Will all testers need to become developers now (and/or vice versa)? And if they fail to convert, will they be out of a job?
  • Insight into Tricentis Tosca – Model Based Test Automation
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    Roman Zednik

    Director of Worldwide Pre-Sales, Tricentis

Roman Zednik runs the worldwide Pre-sales team at Tricentis, which he joined in 2014. Roman developed his expertise working in the area of ALM, with a focus on Test Management and Test Automation. He has over 18 years of software Presales-Consulting experience with Sterling Software, Mercury, HP Software, and now Tricentis. Before Tricentis, Roman spent 6 years as a Software Engineer with Software Daten Service GmbH in R&D.


  • Agile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Test Management
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