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[ Prioritization is a top priority for software testers ]


Whether it is Dallin Oaks quote that reads ““Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.” Or Mahatma Gandhi’s quote that goes “Action expresses priorities”, the message I want to bring to the audience is as simple as “It is all about prioritization at the end of the day”.

While this applies to all of us in all disciplines, it is even more relevant for us as testers in today’s world of increasing task scope and complexity. Whether it be manual or automated testing, what test matrices to use, what test data to incorporate, what defects we want to pick to defend, what tests to automate, what tool to leverage for automation, the overall success of a quality effort, is based on smart choices that a tester makes. Smart choices are not possible without educated prioritization strategies. For example, as an attendee in the Step in conference even deciding which track session to attend amongst the varied options I have, is a choice driven by an underlying prioritization technique.

This session is aimed at discussing and presenting core prioritization strategies and mapping them with very specific software testing examples that the attendees can take back and apply in their day to day practices with immediate effect. One would be amazed to see the varied styles of prioritization that are available – being privy into them and understanding them with examples, will help the attendee choose which style of prioritization works best with their personality and leverage them right away.


  • Focused prioritization techniques to take back and apply
  • Importance and need of prioritization for software testers
  • Various buckets of prioritization within software testing
  • Application with both practical and software testing examples
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    Rajini Padmanabhan

    Vice President – Testing Engagements, QA Info Tech

Rajini Padmanaban as Vice President, Testing Services and Engagements, Rajini Padmanaban leads the engagement management for some of QA InfoTech’s largest and most strategic accounts, managing the operations of the center in Bangalore. She has over fifteen years of professional experience, primarily in software quality assurance. Rajini advocates software quality through evangelistic activities including blogging on test trends, technologies and best practices. She is also a regular speaker, including keynotes and tutorials, in conferences run by SQE, QAI STC, UNICOM, EuroStar and has presented several webinars. Her writings are featured in TechWell, Sticky Minds, Better Software Magazine. She has co-authored a book on crowdsourced testing, and was most recently nominated for the Testing Leader of the Year award, by UNICOM. She can be reached at rajini.padmanaban@qainfotech.com

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