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[ Transforming Test Data Management ]


One of the critical elements of testing is Test Data. We need test data for all sorts of testing-be it functional or non-functional testing. Preparing or identifying the test data is a major challenge as we have different needs for different testing requirements – need for a data set that is as small as possible & covers all business requirements for UAT, whereas performance testing needs high volume of data that need not necessarily satisfy business rules.

While the testers have challenges like those mentioned above, organizations face challenges from a different perspective. Even though it is very common to use the production data for testing purposes, organizations have to ensure no sensitive data is available to testers, ex. customer name, address, etc. Apart from that, to ensure data coverage (for cases like negative testing and enhancements), they can’t rely entirely on production data and have to create synthetic data. Adding to the complexity, Agile adoption mandates that time-to-market be minimal thereby necessitating availability of test data to testers operating in multiple environments.

All these conditions require an effective test data management system. The system should be capable of extracting production data, identifying the sensitive information, masking it appropriately, creating synthetic data on need basis, and provisioning only the required test data to testers.

In this presentation, we address why we need a TDM solution, components of an end-to-end TDM solution to address the challenges mentioned above, and also talk about the TDM tools available in the market.


  • Understanding the need for comprehensive and efficient TDM Solution.
  • Insight into the components of an end-to-end TDM solution
  • Look at the TDM tools in the market
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    Lakshminarasimhan Rajabather

    Vice President, Platform & Technology, Maveric

RLN has over 24 years of experience spread across 15 years in Fintech – delivering platforms and systems in Capital Markets, Payments and Investment Banking domains and 7 Years in mission critical and embedded computing.

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    Thirunavukarasu Papanasam

    Senior Manager, Maveric

Thirunavukarasu Papanasam is a Data Management professional with over 15 years of experience in Manufacturing and Financial Services domain with extensive experience in

  • Developing ‘Data Quality’ solutions
  • Worked in the areas of Data Modelling, Data Analysis and Database Programming
  • Explored Test Data Management
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