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[ Value at Intersections ]


As the Enterprise of today moves towards being technology driven, the world of software is witnessing a tectonic shift- the layers readjusting to a disruptive, new order. This change doesn’t impact an individual or teams in silos, but an entire eco- system comprising of infrastructure, business, communities, applications, partners, crowd, clients, products, and service providers. In a ‘Client at the heart of everything’ landscape, one needs to tap into this extensive web of business, people and technologies, crisscrossing at multiple intersection points. But it’s not as easy as it looks like; your strategy will only be as strong as your weakest link. Today’s organizations need a paradigm shift in their Assurance strategy- ensuring every stakeholder Thinks Quality First!

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    Arun Melkote

    Global Head of Quality Engineering and Testing at Wipro Ltd.

Arun Melkote is the Global Head of Quality Engineering and Testing at Wipro Ltd. where he is responsible for business growth, delivery, operations and Client relationship management. He is an acknowledged leader in the industry with 20+ years of industry experience. As a core member of the team that set up Quality Engineering unit at Wipro, Arun has seen thee practice evolve in his career. He has led Quality Engineering and Testing practices for multiple Business units, and has forged strong Client relationships, deep technical expertise and tremendous employee orientation as a leader.

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