Tester's Blogathon 2023

Blog Topic: Maneuver end to end testing in the AI led world

End-To-End testing is a 360 degree holistic testing of the software, starting from Upstream UI and reaching to downstream database. In today’s world, the system architecture is designed as a maze of services and components which have complex relationships with each other. Despite testing the modules at Unit level & component level, there still is an interdependent chain of test scenarios which need to be validated to the finest degree, so as to raise the product delivery confidence. With the raising expectations of short delivery cycles, it becomes imperative to do test automation in the most effective way and Artificial Intelligence is overpowering all areas to take care of human workflows OR machine workflows . Imagining End to End Testing with AI and penning down the innovative thoughts would be a bless.

This Blogathon focusses on bringing out the very thought of using or enabling AI in the end to end testing process and at STeP-IN Forum, we are excited to invite all the writers, bloggers to come and join this challenge. We would require your blog to bring the business, technical and people aspect of using AI that will help business to maneuver end to end testing. Blogging brings up innovative ideas of using the theme. Blog could have examples to relate to the scenarios and intrigue testing world to take up next steps in this area. When you blog, it will be great to also have justifications or accreditations of implementations of the idea and elaborate Business outcomes. Apart from that we encourage highly innovative stories to flash in the world!! We leave it to the imagination of the blogger.

Objective of the Competition:
  • Promote Knowledge Sharing
  • Help IT Professionals to start writing professional blogs
  • Identify and reward the writing skills of IT Professionals



All submitted BLOGs shall be evaluated based on

  • Title of the topic
  • Originality and freshness of the content
  • Usefulness to the Information Technology community
  • Relevance to Software Testing
Competition Benefits:
  • All blog submissions will get an e–certificate of participation
  • Winner of the Blogathon Competition will get an invite to attend STeP-IN Summit 2024 which is likely to happen in Aug/Sep 2024 timeframe
  • All authors may get a chance to be our speakers for our Evening Talks based on their expertise
  • Top 10 blogs will be published on the STeP-IN website
BLOG Submission:
  • Format – PDF or MS Word Document
  • Main guidelines about the blogs
    • Font: Arial
    • Font Size: 11
    • Font Color: Black with headings in Bold.
    • Include images where appropriate. (Attach the images in jpg/png format when sending with the article)
General Guidelines:
  • An individual can submit one or more blogs.
  • One blog cannot have more than 2 co-authors across organizations.
  • The blog should not be more than 600 words.
  • The Jury will be appointed by STeP-IN to review submissions and the selection of final blogs.
Dos and Don’ts for the Blogger(s):
  • Please don’t submit a blog that is published anywhere else.
  • Please be aware of the Copyrights. Do not copy or plagiarize any content.
  • Images/screenshots used from the internet should have the appropriate references else will be disqualified for copyright violation.
  • Please do give due credit to any other online or offline content which you have referred in your blog.
  • STeP–IN does not take away the rights of the contents – All the rights will belong to the author.
  • If your blog is published on STeP-IN website, you can republish the content on any other website as long as you have a clear cross reference to the published STeP-IN website URL.
  • Do not use any of the AI tools to write your blog.
  • The decision of Jury will be final and abiding to you.