Webinar on Certified Performance Tester with JMeter

JMeter: A highly versatile performance testing tool

JMeter is a highly versatile open-source performance testing tool. It has the ability to load and performance test many different applications, server, and protocol types.  We want to show you how to create different test plans in JMeter focused on Web, Mobiles, Database, Web Services and API.

5 key points doing performance testing

If you are planning to start with performance testing, keep an eye on the most important things.

You can find a lot of material, different training and tools for performance testing, but being successful at the beginning is not so easy.

I have been leading many performance testing projects, where I learned some important lessons that helped me to run successful projects.

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The key is to focus on some important points, related to the following topics:

  • Define the goals of the performance testing project.
  • How to identify and build the right scenarios.
  • Understand the software architecture and the technology stack.
  • Monitor the back-end and find solutions.
  • Consider the front-end and the user experience.

In theory, these topics are very clear, but in real projects things become a bit more complicated, and sometimes our logic fails trying to choose the right path.

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Speaker Profiles:

Delvis Echeverria
Software Development Engineer in Test, FieldEdge

Delvis Echeverria has earned a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering focused on QA and Testing by the Computer Science University (UCI). ISTQB Certified Tester. He has been QA and Test Engineer for over 10 years on complex projects in the Health, Financial, Retail, IT and Academic industries, in the US and Latin America. He has been teaching Software Engineering, Databases, and Software Testing as Instructor and Assistant Professor since 2007. He has also worked as Performance Test Consultant and Instructor for many companies and institutions in Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico and the US. Co-Author & Master Trainer – Performance Testing United Certification (PtU at Brightest). Speaker in several Webinars, Conferences, BootCamps in the US and Latinoamerica.

Guillermo Skrilec
CEO, QAlified

Guillermo is the head of Software Quality at GeneXus Consulting and the founder of QAlified, a spin-off specialized in technical software testing and consultancy. With more than 12 years of experience in software development projects, he has a strong background in technical testing and defining strategies to build better software. His experience spans many companies in diverse industries including finance, health, government, and IT. He also provides advice and training in testing to different non-profit foundations, and is co-organizer of TestingUy conference in Uruguay. Performance Testing United Co-author and Master Trainer. Guillermo has a MBA and holds a System Engineer degree

Kyle Alexander Siemens
CEO, Brightest

I am an energetic, loyal and hard-working Canadian from Winnipeg. After completing my Bachelor's degree at the University of Manitoba in German literature and mathematics, I moved to Berlin in 2006 with a DAAD scholarship and got my Masters in communication and languages. After working several years at various agencies (campaigns for national and international brands), I stumbled upon an incredible path, which led me to where I am today - the CEO of a global exam provider called Brightest (www.brightest.org)! #reachyourpotential

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