Webinar on Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing


  • A brief Introduction of AU-CPAT. What is CPAT? An introduction of the CPAT course. People should get an impression of why the course was developed and what it will bring them.
  • What is the core of testing? A short introduction on what ¬†testing is. People will gain a core view on the business of testing.
  • What is agile development? An introduction on Agile development, so that the viewers have an understanding of the basics of agility and finally
  • What does testing in an agile context mean? The takeaway here is that viewers will have an understanding of the extensiveness of all job components concerning testing in an agile context as opposed to a waterfall context.
  • Introduction of Brightest.
Speaker Profiles:

Carlo Van Driel
Co-Owner/CFO, De Agile Testers & Co-Owner/CEO, Quality Accelerators

CEO, End Boss, Facilitator, Business Development, Human Relations, Recruitment, Speaker, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Context Driven Tester

Bas Kruip
Trainer/Coach, De Agile Testers

Curious, open, outspoken, impatient. Daydreaming past every 'final frontier'. Loyal and a go-getter until the end. Test engineer, coach and always return to a stage; narrative, language purist, humour and crazy about 'how it feels', and ... hopelessly in love with Scrum.

Kyle Alexander Siemens
CEO, Brightest

I am an energetic, loyal and hard-working Canadian from Winnipeg. After completing my Bachelor's degree at the University of Manitoba in German literature and mathematics, I moved to Berlin in 2006 with a DAAD scholarship and got my Masters in communication and languages. After working several years at various agencies (campaigns for national and international brands), I stumbled upon an incredible path, which led me to where I am today - the CEO of a global exam provider called Brightest (www.brightest.org)! #reachyourpotential


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